Nathalie Matthey-de-l’Endroit

PhD candidate in the group of Prof. Walter Salzburger

Current Research

During my time at the University, I developed a passion for insects, especially for Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth). As an ecologist, I am very interested in the interactions between organisms and their environment. One main environmental change that moths are currently experiencing is the increasing light pollution that arises as a by-product of urbanization. During my PhD I want to investigate, if light pollution has an impact on color perception and flower color preference in moths, which could affect the valuable pollination service they provide.

In a second part of my PhD, I want to focus on the butterfly species Melanargia galathea whose population is currently declining in Switzerland. I will use a conservation genomic approach to investigate genomic process currently happening within the population.

Curriculum Vitae

2022 -

PhD candidate at the Zoological Institute of the University of Basel, Switzerland

Under supervision of Dr. Daniel Berner and Prof. Walter Salzburger

2020 - 2022

MSc in Ecology at the University of Basel, Switzerland

Master thesis “The effects of urbanization on relative eye length and nocturnal activity in ants”

2017 - 2020

BSc in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Bachelor thesis “Adhesion of Larinioides sclopetarius capture threads in relation to pull-off velocity of glass plates and elytra of Tenebrio molitor”